It’s all about the story. Whether you’re crafting a long-form article, shooting out a social media post, or hosting an unforgettable event, people care about the story. That story, that experience, conveys the essence of a project and brand. That’s what Andie Davidson Creative is all about: finding that core story and shouting it to the world. In a Tweet, a blog post, a party — whatever medium it takes.

So what is Andie Davidson Creative? That would be me — Andie Davidson. I’m a writer, editor, and creative spirit living in Kansas City, MO. Basically, I’m a word nerd. An English major, bookworm, and history geek, I love stories — reading them, writing them, crafting them in any creative medium possible. Digging into a subject or brand to get at its core — the spirit, characters, voice — is fascinating to me. That’s the philosophy I bring to all my work, whether it’s writing a feature article or a Tweet, gathering research or organizing an event. Blending that with type A grammar freak tendencies, writing and editing have always been a clear path for me! I have several years of experience in journalism, copywriting and editing, event planning, and research, and I’m always on the lookout for fresh projects to explore. Please check out my work samples and my blog, and feel free to contact me with any questions!